Refurbishment Service

As well as supplying a varied choice of new furniture, a large part of our business is made up from refurbishing existing Pub, Bar, Café and Restaurant furniture.

We pride ourselves in doing the job properly! In order to provide the best quality refurbishment service, all of our furniture goes through the following strict process:

  • All original upholstery is removed
  • All furniture frames are strengthened
  • All furniture frames are polished
  • All table tops are sanded back to bare wood, stained and polished
  • New foam is applied as required
  • All furniture is upholstered to your specification

In addition to the above standard practice we can also customise your existing furniture during this process, i.e. adding deep buttoning, quilting, adapting frames, applying aged painted finishes, aged worn finishes and patination.

We also have a large stock of salvage furniture which you could add to your order. All of our salvage furniture goes through the same process as above. Using salvage furniture will not only save you money but, it is great for the planet.

Recycling image

We take our responsibilities for the impact that our activities have on the environment seriously and to this end, whilst refurbishing your furniture, we reuse and recycle reconstituted foam, use recycled plastic fibre fillings wherever possible and only use wood from suppliers who are FSC Registered and source their wood from sustainably managed forests.

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